Monday, December 15, 2008

My ScHoOl RoCkS!!!!We RoCk--XII B !!!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii so we meet again!
So where did we say good bye ??? yeah it was when I had reached my school!!!
Well as soon as I reach( I literally reach the last-close to five minutes to prayer bell!!)When I do reach as I told you am engulfed with my gang of friends!!!! Our talk(well gossip) will be basically rounding either in the previous day’s cricket match or say something about the latest movie arrived !! Of course my class girls are totally girlie-girlie types who keep blabbing about some stupid serials - crazy stuff I say(maybe coz I don’t see any of them).So I am with the boy gang, mast - gunda types .My gang consist of three boys and three girls including me.Well we are the closest…..ok leggo!!!!
As soon as our gossip is over ,we rush to the assembly ground, for our morning prayers.Then praying to god that hope this day’s assembly finishes fast without any lectures from our heads,(unfortunately god never fulfils our prayers) we rush back to class.
Naturally our first five periods go active.While the second period starts, our lunch break starts(for us back-benchers).So half the class’s lunch gets eaten up by the third period!!! And then we are energised enough to face the rest three periods,well boring dragging periods,so our class comedians come useful here(me.sharath,nivi,rahul,semal,niket,neeru,….the list goes on)!!!!!We have the most enjoyable time during our economics period, one of the best teacher’s of our school-Lakshmi parvathy mam , takes eco for us .She is sooooo humorous as well as strict,is heavenly to be with her-trust me!!!
Well after the fifth period,there is horrifying terrorist attack takes place in our class-------lunch attack!!! “Ten hands in one tiffin box,one hand in ten tiffin boxes” is our rule!!! Fantastic , best time of school, during lunch break we compose songs, we dance, we make remixes, we climb desks, we hit each other….oh it’s the best time of the day.
Soon after lunch we are fast asleep (back benchers of course)!!!And I am naughty enough here to pinch all those who are asleep, coz of two reasons…1,they can’t scream because mam is in the class and she doesn’t know they are sleeping…2, because they can’t pinch or hit me back again coz mam is there in the class!!!
After this we mostly have our block periods of computer science..meaning go to lab and sit and have a nice time inside an a/c room!!!!!
And the last period of course our most favourite!!!!
yup you guessed it right!!games!!!yeeeeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!
We play basketball,our ever funny badminton,football,carrom,..and the girls..well they gossip!!!!
And after home bell , we all rush back half-sad,half-happy….sad because we are leaving our wonderful own world of school ,happy because we are going back home to meet our near and dear ones!!!
Soooooooo after bell,we go to our class , pack and take our bags,bid good bye to all,and climb down to go to our respective means of transport( of course another 15 minutes we are a gang beside our vans,gossiping our stuff!!!!)
Finally hard , good byes are said,and we start back home!!!!
Wellllll that’s how a day is like,in my school…since its our last year..welll our motto is

I am going to miss all this fun,guys and I am going to miss you all!!!


KParthasarathi said...

A very humourous write up,i say.Hansa, you have a way of making even an ordinarily boring classroom look interesting.Noted you lead the list of comedians(comediens) in your class.You people seem to be aware of the imminent terrorist attack and gobble up the lunches even before lunchtime leaving little for the terrorists to snatch.How I wish our intelligence anticipate like you guys.
The years at the school, the teachers good,bad and ugly and the friends we make are unforgettable memories we cherish for long.
Keep posting more of your stories that are very well written.Congrats

Annu said...

uncle!!!!these are the way my classes are literally everyday!!!!all of us had actually made a poem about our class!!!scenario is typical like this only!!!

KParthasarathi said...

then it must be great fun and one would never like to leave the great friends and the ambience.Whatever it is, your lively and racy writing that has invested some charm to your class.

KParthasarathi said...

I am not surprised at your superb writing skills when I learn with great plaesure that you are a school topper in English in 10th std.As you keep writing more, the skill would get honed further.Practice will make the art perfect.You have made your parents proud and me too

Annu said...

mom told you dat i topped????well yeah its true!!!and yeah my class is full of composers and lyricist and musicians and dancers!!! i love my class!!!

Shravan said...

nicely written :0 loved reading. post more articles and get going. god bless u.

new year greetings to you and your family :)

Annu said...

thanks mr shravan. i dont think i know you..plz intro urself!!! said...

अपने विचार हमें जरुर भेजे

sharath said...

hwy superbbbbbbbbbbbb...... thanks for listin my name... and keep rockin the way u rooooock...

Annu said...