Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HeAvEnLy JoUrNeY!!!!

Hmmmm…..wat delicious food my mom makes….aaahhhh…parathe..channa..dal makhani…yummilicious….such delicacies…oh!!! OH!!! Dear!! What is all that horrible noise disturbing my dinner???
I wake up with a jerk to just to realise that I was dreaming all the way through..and the noise??????????
Well… was the stupid alarm ringing !!!!
It is 5 am in the morning.
Half sleepy I go to the washroom(and sleep there until my mom bangs the door and says that its getting late).I brush my teeth ,drink milk and sit for studying(pretence of course!I’ll be asleep).By the time all this happens ,it will be 6 am and mom comes again (as a flying squad) to check whether both me and my brother are studying(of course we will be ,according to her;in reality both of our eyes will be closed !!but who cares ??we are studying with our eyes closed i.e.we are studying anyway,that’s the whole point!!!)
Quarter of an hour later,we get up to go and have our baths,which is like another sleepy quarter of an hour inside the bathrooms(boooyyyyyy we are real sleepy-heads!!!)
Around 6.30 am we come out active and fresh to face the new day. We start getting dressed for our schools,mom prepares breakfast( I keep trying to dodge her but she makes sure I eat and then only go ).
My van comes to pick me up at 7am so I have to rush rather than my brother.I guess his van arrives at 7.40am or so..anyway later than mine.Since I leave home first I don’t know what exactly happens to my brother after I leave,so I guess we can all tell him a good bye!!!
Now , after I board my jet airways(my van has been nick-named by my friends as jet airways),there is a traditional fight as to who gets the window seat and who sits any place else? I end up ultimately in the front or at the last corner seat(both nice!!!)
There is a long long drive from my home to school and nearly 25 students are picked up en-route to school.Say after an hour or so , at 8am , we reach CLRI and the students of KV CLRI depart us .Then we leave for our school which is like 5 minutes from CLRI.
So ultimately we reach school around 8.10 when my bell rings and I rush through the main entrance.And then………………………..
Well after this I m engulfed among my friends circle, so …..sorry guys ..i have to leave you all now!!!!I will meet you in my next article….i hope you enjoyed the journey along with me…
In the next article I will enlighten you with something more interesting than this one..
Cheers..adios….Love you all!!! Have a nice day!!!!


KParthasarathi said...

Hilarious writing.Thank God your mom is monitoring your every movement lest you sleep away blissfully.Moms are kind and loving nuisances we put up with grudgingly and later remember them gratefully.
You have a humourous way of writing also.Keep it up

Annu said...

thank you!!!but seriously that is how my day starts..except about gettin up at five!!!