Monday, December 15, 2008

My ScHoOl RoCkS!!!!We RoCk--XII B !!!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii so we meet again!
So where did we say good bye ??? yeah it was when I had reached my school!!!
Well as soon as I reach( I literally reach the last-close to five minutes to prayer bell!!)When I do reach as I told you am engulfed with my gang of friends!!!! Our talk(well gossip) will be basically rounding either in the previous day’s cricket match or say something about the latest movie arrived !! Of course my class girls are totally girlie-girlie types who keep blabbing about some stupid serials - crazy stuff I say(maybe coz I don’t see any of them).So I am with the boy gang, mast - gunda types .My gang consist of three boys and three girls including me.Well we are the closest…..ok leggo!!!!
As soon as our gossip is over ,we rush to the assembly ground, for our morning prayers.Then praying to god that hope this day’s assembly finishes fast without any lectures from our heads,(unfortunately god never fulfils our prayers) we rush back to class.
Naturally our first five periods go active.While the second period starts, our lunch break starts(for us back-benchers).So half the class’s lunch gets eaten up by the third period!!! And then we are energised enough to face the rest three periods,well boring dragging periods,so our class comedians come useful here(me.sharath,nivi,rahul,semal,niket,neeru,….the list goes on)!!!!!We have the most enjoyable time during our economics period, one of the best teacher’s of our school-Lakshmi parvathy mam , takes eco for us .She is sooooo humorous as well as strict,is heavenly to be with her-trust me!!!
Well after the fifth period,there is horrifying terrorist attack takes place in our class-------lunch attack!!! “Ten hands in one tiffin box,one hand in ten tiffin boxes” is our rule!!! Fantastic , best time of school, during lunch break we compose songs, we dance, we make remixes, we climb desks, we hit each other….oh it’s the best time of the day.
Soon after lunch we are fast asleep (back benchers of course)!!!And I am naughty enough here to pinch all those who are asleep, coz of two reasons…1,they can’t scream because mam is in the class and she doesn’t know they are sleeping…2, because they can’t pinch or hit me back again coz mam is there in the class!!!
After this we mostly have our block periods of computer science..meaning go to lab and sit and have a nice time inside an a/c room!!!!!
And the last period of course our most favourite!!!!
yup you guessed it right!!games!!!yeeeeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!
We play basketball,our ever funny badminton,football,carrom,..and the girls..well they gossip!!!!
And after home bell , we all rush back half-sad,half-happy….sad because we are leaving our wonderful own world of school ,happy because we are going back home to meet our near and dear ones!!!
Soooooooo after bell,we go to our class , pack and take our bags,bid good bye to all,and climb down to go to our respective means of transport( of course another 15 minutes we are a gang beside our vans,gossiping our stuff!!!!)
Finally hard , good byes are said,and we start back home!!!!
Wellllll that’s how a day is like,in my school…since its our last year..welll our motto is

I am going to miss all this fun,guys and I am going to miss you all!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HeAvEnLy JoUrNeY!!!!

Hmmmm…..wat delicious food my mom makes….aaahhhh…parathe..channa..dal makhani…yummilicious….such delicacies…oh!!! OH!!! Dear!! What is all that horrible noise disturbing my dinner???
I wake up with a jerk to just to realise that I was dreaming all the way through..and the noise??????????
Well… was the stupid alarm ringing !!!!
It is 5 am in the morning.
Half sleepy I go to the washroom(and sleep there until my mom bangs the door and says that its getting late).I brush my teeth ,drink milk and sit for studying(pretence of course!I’ll be asleep).By the time all this happens ,it will be 6 am and mom comes again (as a flying squad) to check whether both me and my brother are studying(of course we will be ,according to her;in reality both of our eyes will be closed !!but who cares ??we are studying with our eyes closed i.e.we are studying anyway,that’s the whole point!!!)
Quarter of an hour later,we get up to go and have our baths,which is like another sleepy quarter of an hour inside the bathrooms(boooyyyyyy we are real sleepy-heads!!!)
Around 6.30 am we come out active and fresh to face the new day. We start getting dressed for our schools,mom prepares breakfast( I keep trying to dodge her but she makes sure I eat and then only go ).
My van comes to pick me up at 7am so I have to rush rather than my brother.I guess his van arrives at 7.40am or so..anyway later than mine.Since I leave home first I don’t know what exactly happens to my brother after I leave,so I guess we can all tell him a good bye!!!
Now , after I board my jet airways(my van has been nick-named by my friends as jet airways),there is a traditional fight as to who gets the window seat and who sits any place else? I end up ultimately in the front or at the last corner seat(both nice!!!)
There is a long long drive from my home to school and nearly 25 students are picked up en-route to school.Say after an hour or so , at 8am , we reach CLRI and the students of KV CLRI depart us .Then we leave for our school which is like 5 minutes from CLRI.
So ultimately we reach school around 8.10 when my bell rings and I rush through the main entrance.And then………………………..
Well after this I m engulfed among my friends circle, so …..sorry guys ..i have to leave you all now!!!!I will meet you in my next article….i hope you enjoyed the journey along with me…
In the next article I will enlighten you with something more interesting than this one..
Cheers..adios….Love you all!!! Have a nice day!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is it worth being me??

No more games, I'm a change what you call rage
I was playin in the beginnin, the moods all changed
I've been chewed up and spit out and booed off stage
But I've kept rhymin and stepwritin the next cypher
Best believe somebody's payin the pied piper
All the pain inside amplified by the fact
That I can't get by with my 9 to 5
it's no movie, there's no Makai Pheiffer, this is my life
And these times are so hard and it's getting even harder
another day of monotony
Has gotten me to the point, I'm like a snail
I've got to formulate a plot or I end up in jail or shot
Success is my only m*********n option, failure's not
this trailer's got to go
I cannot grow old in Salem's lot So here I go is my shot.
Feet fail me not this may be the only opportunity that I got saying..
stay away , keep away,
just break it like and throw away cuz
one for the trouble , two for the face ,
being like me is such a big disgrace!!!
one morning i shoot up from the bed all dreaming ,
what , late in the night , i did was wondering
going thru' my books , i think was something
compared to the threats that all am facing
is only to believe that im good for nothing
or rather get ready to face the wrists all that are eager for punching
its like am nobody in this world
that can see like a pearl that is hurled straight right at me
was it worth the effort i put into being me as somebody
who could change the stars all in the sky by
simply just trying like saying....

सोचा न था

हल्की हल्की उन बारिशों मे
चलने का मन क्यों करता हैं
तेरे बिना एक दिन भी मेरा
क्यों कटता हैं
सोचा न था
ऐसा भी होगा
क्या मैं था और क्या बन गया
तेरे प्यार के चक्कर मे
तेरी एक हसी ने तो
चाँद को रूला डाला
तेरी उन आँखों ने तो
सूरज को छुप्पा डाला
तेरी मस्तानी चालों ने
किया कितनों को घायल
तेरी उन प्यारी बातों ने
किया कितनों को पागल
में भी उस मे
क्यों फसा
ये बात मुझको बता
जाने जाना.
सोचा न था
ऐसे भी होगा
क्या मैं था
और क्या बन गया
तेरे प्यार की चक्कर मे.
Sharath. M

Miss you peace

- by Hansa 06 Dec 2008
Category: NewsThis story has been read 110 times. Open any newspaper and you find the headlines screaming at you, all violence and other terrorist stuff each and everywhere. At this rate we can very well imagine where this world is heading to, starting with being a nuclear village in the present years. Of late there is news reported every where that there was an attack in some particular place, a bomb blast to destroy a monument, or a murder every now and then!!!!! Omigosh, what is this once so called heavenly earth leading itself to?? Of course it is not the earth’s fault, but the root cause are the people who are sheltering themselves in this very earth. For example we can state.... 1. There was a bus attack in a village near Agra, killing many people-a very good example of terrorist attack .The major cause of this attack was a grudge against some single individual [politicians]. Has this attack consoled them with their problem with the problem? 2. The bomb blast in Hyderabad - Lumbini park, around 60 or so killed and several others injured. What do you say for this? I say ,totally heartless people are involved in this just to make settlement with those with whom they had personal vengeance 3. Some crazy people killed a woman – oh sorry! Many women, as they took of their jewels and other richly ornaments. What a fate I say!!!!!They might as well work for this, earn and buy it. 4. And of course the most recent excitement-Mumbai bomb blasts!!!One of my ex-classmates was killed along with his family members.And yeah many others too were fated to die .Is this all what those damn terrorists wanted?? As Mahatma Gandhi told, as long as there is peace everything is safe and sound, but once the precious peace is lost you can as well take it that everything is lost. The people and their selfish thoughts put together is going to destroy or rather destruct this world in such a rapid rate that even the natural disasters will not have competition !!!!!!!! The present decade has become so irrational that violence seems to be the order of the day. The peace and unity that once prevailed are now starting to disappear slowly and steadily, though all the time are giving warning to us to stop these inhuman activities. Let us join our hands together to save the present and the future generations. Yesterday was past -forget it, today is present- live to its fullest without misusing it and tomorrow is today’s future -plan for it in an ideal and a useful way. Please control your personal vengeance to yourself and try controlling these acts that kill many innocents. Let love and peace rule the world not violence.