Monday, December 28, 2009


Gone are those days when people used to celebrate New Year at the pubs or discos. The latest trend set consists of having similar disco parties but with a little difference. That is instead at pubs, people have started having these spectacular parties at their home itself.
They have a blast at their residences or farm houses with the companionship of their peers, relatives and partners. These parties generally begin at about 7 in the late evening and go on until 2 or 3 in the morning. “Home parties are nice and cozy .It helps in bringing a feeling of togetherness in the family, provides privacy and the expenditure is also flexible,” says Neelam, a college student. A general survey reveals that most college students or the youth are preferring having parties outside at pubs than staying at home.
“I would love to go outside and party at discos since family parties are a bit dull as only family members and one or two close friends are present and feeling of uneasiness prevails”, told Niket, another college student, when asked about partying. The flexibility that the youth receive is more at the pubs outside than with their family members at their residences.
Having parties at home have various advantages like expenses are under one’s control, no indecent people and time constraints are conciliatory. Mr.Rajendra Saraf, a parent says- “Partying at home than going outside is better option because people at discos behave indecently as they drink a lot and also that they are unfamiliar to us.”
Deciding who to invite to your New Year's party is essential. Since you are on a tight budget, invite only those who matters the most to you and those who appreciate you. Preparing your own party food can save you a huge chunk of additional party expenditure.
When planning your party menu, choose dishes that are easy to prepare. Salads, roasts, sandwiches as well as grilled meats, fruits and vegetables are some good examples of party food that even a beginner cook can prepare. When planning your menu, choose to prepare party food that require relatively cheap ingredients without compromising the food quality and taste. Purchase your ingredients from hypermarkets because they offer huge discounts when you buy raw ingredients in bulk. Stay away from buying branded ingredients and liquor. To replace liquor, choose to serve sparkling juices, plain fruit juices or boxed drinks. If you want to save even more money, make your own cordial drinks or fruit punch. You can even choose to serve water.
When choosing the location of your party, it is important for you to choose a location that can accommodate the number of guests who will be coming to your party. Choose to have your party in a location that will not cost you any money such as your own house, your house garden or a nearby park. If all else fails, ask a close friend/neighbour who you will be inviting to your party to have your party in their house or house garden.
Dimmed lights and scented candles are a great way to transform any location into an elegant party area. If you are having children over to your party, decorate a small children's corner with balloons and ribbons. To add extra effect to your party theme, get your guests to dress in outfits and colours that reflect the theme of your party.
Entertain your guests with music that is connected to your party theme. If your guests like dancing, play suitable ballads or songs that they can dance together with. You can always play the online radio if you do not have the CD with the music of your choice. For guests who do not dance, entertain them with some card or board games. If you do not own any card or board games, surf the internet to find out suitable games that you can create on your own or come up with the games yourself. Organize a drawing and coloring competition for the children. You can also conduct games with existing items that you already have in your house. 'Musical chair', 'limbo rock' and 'Simon says' are some classical examples of games that you can conduct in your party at no additional cost.
Rock your parties at efficient levels yet entertaining at the same time. All in all, times are changing so are the trends of people and their celebration styles. After all -

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

God'z AnGeL....also called "MuM"

"Annu!!!!wake up beta!!!!its time for college!!!bus will leave you and go and then you would have to walk all the way to college" :):):)

well well....this is how my mum announces that its time for me to wake up and get out of my sleepyheaded ness.....a melodious tone to start off the screams,then a little more harsh..then comes like a dinosaur!!!:)

The sweetest of all sweethearts ,she tries to sleep beyond 5 but doesnt times wakes me up telling she is bored at 3 in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!From dawn till dusk she walks and jogs around the kitchen,bedrooms,washrooms and kitchen again!!!The hardest worker of the family,she stands tall and strong but funnily never feels hungry to eat[dunno y!!]..My mum is one sort who gets easily angered by silly deeds...but calms down soon too....just that she needs time to..and mostly i agree me n my lil bro are the main causes for the'll either be bcuz we dint eat or dint study or dint drink milk or answered back or some crap whateva!!!But at the spur of moment we never realise that we are hurting her...rather we think of us just doesnt strike that she is telling it for our good only!!!But still!!!! oh damn it...we cant tell anything.....

My mum enjoys jokes..although half the time what i keep commentating does not even enter her head...its more like i tell,she laughs then its like ok annu what did u mean by what u said?????!!!!!dats my mum...

A great bathroom singer,loves to dance but is shy to do so....keeps worrying about thousand and one world problems!!never bothered a bit about herself[except that she feels she is too fat:)]

A big time motivator..does exactly what told..jus dat a bit completely opposite!!!

She asks sorry even when she isnt at fault,explains everybit when not even asked for,forgets all her anger and forgives us eventually,tries a lot to not talk with us when angry but cant resist ,is the only person to cnsole us even though she mite be the one who hurt.....

The only mum perhaps who wears my dress despite my screamings,and says that if i wear her slippers it would bcum big and when she wears mine it will bcum small !!!nutz seriously

completely fultu absentminded y mum is my lil dinosaur.....

In this world.There is Only One Caste,The Caste of Humanity.
There is only one Religion,The Religion of Love.

There is only one Language,The Language of the Heart

That is exactly what you are!!!

solly to have hurt you loads...


Saturday, February 28, 2009


this is supposed to be the speech i had to give on my farewell day...and i started crying while doing the same!!!

"well , it had to happen one day.My time here has come to an end.

A very good afternoon to one and all present here.

Though being a full time chatterbox , words don't come easy to me when it comes to speaking on an occasion like this!All throughout my school life , i have seen batches of students being bade farewell and in all those times, I've feared the day when i will be among those steeping outof the doors of this institution forever.Today the time seems to have come for me too to make a transition from present to history.
I don't know if you realise how difficult it is for a student who has spent years of her life, in fact more than half of her life thus far,in a schol, to step out of it.Perhaps what makes it more difficult is the fact that you are leaving behind the care and guidance of ever respectful teachers, the love from friends- only to soon find everything has shrunk into a handful of memories.

An episode of my life is over, perhaps the most important one,but the greatest happiness lies in the fact that it could'nt have been more memorable.

Today as i am here to bid you goodbye,i'd like to share a few of my experiences....

i have won many many important awardsfrom and on behalf of this school, the most treasured one being-THE BEST STUDENT AWARD and THE BEST CULTURAL PERFORMER AWARD.I alse remember the days when i used to hang around the teachers like a puppy and listen to everything they say, (though now i have become very naughty).I also remember the exhibitions and annualday functions i had attended.

The most important of all being making a complete mess of myself,taught me varied lessons that not even the whole twelve years of schooling could not teach!

years passed like the quick roll of drums , andsoon we were in class twelfth!I know we couldnt bring about very many changes!perhaps there wasnt a need!But what greatly satisfies me is that we dint have to face any major problems,not even a single one.The students of KV proved to much more disciplined than i had imagined.It indeed gives you lot of happiness to see a fellow youngster greet you-GOOD MORNING didi! as he walks past you.

When i was small i used to hate the prefects for being harsh on us kiddos.Now as one of the prefects,i was not the same.ts attitude proved to be more helpful as i could be more approachable and got to know my house members both young and the elder , better.

KV has been more than just a school for me.In my life till now my teachers have been everything for me.The amount they have done for me is possibly not quantifiable.

This day as i prepare to leave, i'd like to thank The Principal madam,all my loving teachers , my fellow classmates and all youngsters for all your love and care.I also wish to thank the prefect's cabinet for all the helo and advice they've given me.

The only message i have for you is that if our batch has done something good-please learn from us,and if we had our faults,then please be sure t discard them(its not worth accomplishing).Even if students must come and go KV and the young and energetic spirit must always remain the same forever-shining and smiling in the hearts of all its members.

Its hard to put into words all that i feel right now,but some day im going to look back into these days and feel GREAT!!!

Always remember:




bidding you all farewell....with loads and loads of love hugs and kisses,signing off-HANSA"