Tuesday, November 17, 2009

God'z AnGeL....also called "MuM"

"Annu!!!!wake up beta!!!!its time for college!!!bus will leave you and go and then you would have to walk all the way to college" :):):)

well well....this is how my mum announces that its time for me to wake up and get out of my sleepyheaded ness.....a melodious tone to start off the screams,then a little more harsh..then comes like a dinosaur!!!:)

The sweetest of all sweethearts ,she tries to sleep beyond 5 but doesnt succeed...at times wakes me up telling she is bored at 3 in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!From dawn till dusk she walks and jogs around the kitchen,bedrooms,washrooms and kitchen again!!!The hardest worker of the family,she stands tall and strong but funnily never feels hungry to eat[dunno y!!]..My mum is one sort who gets easily angered by silly deeds...but calms down soon too....just that she needs time to..and mostly i agree me n my lil bro are the main causes for the same...it'll either be bcuz we dint eat or dint study or dint drink milk or answered back or some crap whateva!!!But at the spur of moment we never realise that we are hurting her...rather we think of us only..it just doesnt strike that she is telling it for our good only!!!But still!!!! oh damn it...we cant tell anything.....

My mum enjoys jokes..although half the time what i keep commentating does not even enter her head...its more like i tell,she laughs then its like ok annu what did u mean by what u said?????!!!!!dats my mum...

A great bathroom singer,loves to dance but is shy to do so....keeps worrying about thousand and one world problems!!never bothered a bit about herself[except that she feels she is too fat:)]

A big time motivator..does exactly what told..jus dat a bit completely opposite!!!

She asks sorry even when she isnt at fault,explains everybit when not even asked for,forgets all her anger and forgives us eventually,tries a lot to not talk with us when angry but cant resist ,is the only person to cnsole us even though she mite be the one who hurt.....

The only mum perhaps who wears my dress despite my screamings,and says that if i wear her slippers it would bcum big and when she wears mine it will bcum small !!!nutz seriously

completely fultu absentminded y mum is my lil dinosaur.....

In this world.There is Only One Caste,The Caste of Humanity.
There is only one Religion,The Religion of Love.

There is only one Language,The Language of the Heart

That is exactly what you are!!!

solly to have hurt you...love you loads...