Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wrong or (w)right?

We had a huge debate in our class regarding what is wrong and what is right. Well that debate is still going on. In a really heated pace though than how it started as just opinion in the class. The class , as a majority , had decided that there is nothing wrong or right....the individual's perception takes a toil to it.
The teacher , though had a different view. According to her , anything right or wrong is absolute or either of the extremes i.e. either completely right or completely wrong. For example, the jurisdiction of India , was established and is functioning even now on the basis of how the situation is - right or wrong. It can't decide upon anything partially right or partially incorrect and thereby thrust upon the judgement. It is, therefore, safe to say that the world has been and is still being ruled by only two formulae - Right And Wrong.
We had a different opinion. Anything and everything in the world is what or how the human mind wants to assume it as. There is no such thing as right or wrong. In fact, it is quite amiable to make this statement that "What a person might think is right, can be accepted in terms of fault by another person".It is just how an individual interprets and reacts to a given situation. For example, a if Mr X murders a person on the grounds of revenge, it is seen as a crime, but is the same Mr X claims that he murdered a person who was a threat to his baby's lfe , it is quite seen as correct that as a crime, because according to him he has done justice to his little one and ppunished the criminal. And yet another example, the simplest of all is the mathematic form of solving a problem. There is no compulsion that this sum has to be simplified in a particular way, that these two numbers alone have to be calculated first, then the next ... It is done according to how a person thinks it's easier done than break your head for the same.
From all this, I can conclude with satisfaction that there is nothing right or worng in this world. As the saying in Karma goes-" What you do, comes back to you".