Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Miss you peace

- by Hansa 06 Dec 2008
Category: NewsThis story has been read 110 times. Open any newspaper and you find the headlines screaming at you, all violence and other terrorist stuff each and everywhere. At this rate we can very well imagine where this world is heading to, starting with being a nuclear village in the present years. Of late there is news reported every where that there was an attack in some particular place, a bomb blast to destroy a monument, or a murder every now and then!!!!! Omigosh, what is this once so called heavenly earth leading itself to?? Of course it is not the earth’s fault, but the root cause are the people who are sheltering themselves in this very earth. For example we can state.... 1. There was a bus attack in a village near Agra, killing many people-a very good example of terrorist attack .The major cause of this attack was a grudge against some single individual [politicians]. Has this attack consoled them with their problem with the problem? 2. The bomb blast in Hyderabad - Lumbini park, around 60 or so killed and several others injured. What do you say for this? I say ,totally heartless people are involved in this just to make settlement with those with whom they had personal vengeance 3. Some crazy people killed a woman – oh sorry! Many women, as they took of their jewels and other richly ornaments. What a fate I say!!!!!They might as well work for this, earn and buy it. 4. And of course the most recent excitement-Mumbai bomb blasts!!!One of my ex-classmates was killed along with his family members.And yeah many others too were fated to die .Is this all what those damn terrorists wanted?? As Mahatma Gandhi told, as long as there is peace everything is safe and sound, but once the precious peace is lost you can as well take it that everything is lost. The people and their selfish thoughts put together is going to destroy or rather destruct this world in such a rapid rate that even the natural disasters will not have competition !!!!!!!! The present decade has become so irrational that violence seems to be the order of the day. The peace and unity that once prevailed are now starting to disappear slowly and steadily, though all the time are giving warning to us to stop these inhuman activities. Let us join our hands together to save the present and the future generations. Yesterday was past -forget it, today is present- live to its fullest without misusing it and tomorrow is today’s future -plan for it in an ideal and a useful way. Please control your personal vengeance to yourself and try controlling these acts that kill many innocents. Let love and peace rule the world not violence.


KParthasarathi said...

Hi Hansa,
You write very well.Your blog looks great.You can add some gadjets and your mom should be able to fix them.Good luck for great writing.

Annu said...

thanks once again!!!!yeah she is helpin me out ..m gettin started on this!!!real cool to write stuff!!next ill write something that is more really the truth and fact!but i hope you will enjoy too!!!

Vidya said...

The blog looks very interesting. The article takes me back to my school days. The whole blog is nicely laid out. Looking forward to seeing more entries.

Annu said...

yeah thanks!!!vidya aunty rite??